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Get Carrotize to write a compelling news release that will noticed by editors, journalists, and investors.

Your story needs to be relevant to a journalist. Otherwise, it will never make it to their editor and ultimately reach the readers you’d like to hear about your story.

Get Carrotize to write compelling regulatory news releases that will be noticed by editors, journalists, and investors.

Carrotize can help write a press release that turns a traditional company announcement into a story with context. In this way, the chances of the press release get picked up by industry and financial media are more

significant. Whether it’s announcing a clinical trial outcome, a product launch, or quarterly news, we can write the press release for you.

In addition, Carrotize can help find non-regulatory stories within your organization and frame them in a media-friendly manner. Afterward, I pitch it to one or more journalists.

Moreover, Carrotize can advise you on

channel selection for publication.

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