Nasdaq First North Compliance

Carrotize can help you stay compliant. An in-depth understanding of the First North Rulebook is often needed to make the right decisions for a First North listed company.

Sometimes there may be issues you don’t want to discuss with your Certified Advisor. In such situations, Carrotize can help discuss such issues as whether or not a press release needs a MAR plate if a insider log should be created, what information needs to be in press releases and practical details such as remembering to update the website with the required information.


Carrotize can help you get media coverage by identifying stories and reach out to relevant journalists.

Investor Relations

IR is everything from attracting new investors when raising capital to keeping investors happy when they contact your IR mail box. Carrotize can help with most aspects of retail IR.

Nasdaq First North Compliance

If you need someone to discuss interpretations of the Nasdaq First North Rulebook, Carrotize can help. Since 2015, Thomas Pedersen (Carrotize) has helped companies with keeping compliant.

Social Media Management

Carrotize can help keep your social media updated with your newest information, using a proper tone of voice.

Website Management

The financial calendar, management descriptions, and availability of reports are all important. Carrotize helps you to keep compliant.

Online Investor Meetings

Carrotize can help you with the digital platform to host online investor meetings, as well as acting as the host for such meetings.

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